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Charlotte Tilbury: full review on her latest foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful skin foundation: Genevieve Turley, pro makeup artist Lets you know; how it holds up throughout the day, how it feel on the skin and asks you, is this the next foundation for you?

Finding the perfect base products is not easy. The choice on the market these days creates so much noise and confusion, the differeing budgets make us question, 'could this be good if it's this price'. So before I continue, when you go shopping, ask yourselves these questions; What is my budget? What is my skin type? What coverage do I want? What finish am I wanting i.e glowing/matte? Do a bit of research on brands which fit in with the answers to the above quetions. Going in blind will overwhelm you or you will feel pressured to buy a product you don't like from a salesperson whose orange face terrifies you!

Here is my honest review of the Beautiful Skin foundation by Charlotte Tilbury. From a foundation I want a price point between £20-30, light to medium coverage with a glowing finish and I have combination skin

#1: My First Impressions

I can apply this product with a brush, sponge or with fingers and still get a lovely finish everytime. It melts into my skin beautifully, it feels relatively weightless, for me one pump is plenty!

I definitely require powder around my T-zone to stop it looking oily in these areas. I don't like to bring it up to my eyes as I leave this clear for concealer so I keep this area as light as possible to reduce creasing. It holds up through the day well, I have certainly never felt the need to reapply.

#2: Shade range & Formula

This foundation comes in 30 shades which is great to see from a luxury brand. This includes, warm/cool and neutral (I am a neutral girlie!).

The formula is light-medium buildable coverage. It is highly pigmented, meaning a little does a lot so if you have natural redness or pigmentation, add this to you list to try! This foundation claims to have skincare within it, namely, hylauronic acid, can you tell? I'm not sure and looking on the ingredient list it's pretty low down meaning they may just be ticking off buzz words the brand knows consumers are now looking for. I don't prime my skin usually but perhaps if you were particuliarly dry or oily you might find priming your skin beneficial.

#3: The Look

For me, this foundation makes my skin look like skin but a very even polished version which I love. I don't have more than 5 minutes to get reay in the morning (KIDS!) so I require products which have little faff but give a finish I love without the need to reapply.

Whether I use cream bronzers and blushes or powders, they both work beautifully with this foundation bleding together for that natural finish I prefer.

#4: Final Words

I work on a variety of different skin tones and types for my job and I have yet to regret putting this foundation on a client. Whether your 20 or 80 years old I feel it can work for everyone. As I said previously, the skin prep may differ before application and the amount you use depending on your clients preference.

Let's put it this way, nothing goes in my pro kit unless I LOVE it!

Any quetions, please get in touch. you can always find me on Instagram @genevieveturleymua

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