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Spring Skin For The Win


Spring skin with no fuss.

Me again! Today I am talking spring skin. After over a year of hiding away many people haven’t even opened their makeup bags and if you have, a lot of its contents is now out of date- DAMN IT!!

So now is the PERFECT time to switch up your makeup routine. Give that makeup bag a spring clean and think about what you really want to achieve when doing your makeup. So often we are still applying the same products we were using 10 years ago and this needs to change. Our wardrobes get updated so why not take that idea to your makeup bag?


AND I’m going to help you make some seriously good investments to your face. Let me introduce you to two products that will leave your skin glowing, radiant, hydrated and most importantly NATURAL LOOKING!


Step One

Reach for your Vita Liberta Beauty Blur. This awesome product is; fragrance free, cruelty free, paraben free, alcohol free and vegan. Its light reflecting particles enhance the look of your skin whilst giving you a natural looking tan AND minimises the appearance of blemishes. Due to how light and moisturising this product is it's PERFECT for all ages. I have every female member of my family hooked on this product and they love me for it!

Step Two

So we’ve achieved a beautiful base from step one but as great a product as the beauty blur is, I’m going to need something with a little more oomph to tackle the bags under my eyes! That’s when we reach for our Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer. This little beauty will give you medium to full coverage, it is powerful enough to cover your problem areas without feeling heavy, instead you will look airbrushed. Who wants to look airbrushed in the morning? I do, that’s who!


Then you can throw the rest of your face on, you can keep an eye out for future blogs on what I would reach for next but for today start with the base because beautiful skin is the goal, am I right? So where do you buy these beauties from seeing as the shops are still shut? I'm so pleased you asked, get yourselves on add them to your basket and pop my discount code LFTFGENEVIEVE in to get a WHOPPING 20% off.

Enjoy beautiful, radiant flawless skin.

Gen x

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